Where do we Invest?

IT Entrepreneurship is still its nascent phase in Pakistan, and while we understand that being everything to everyone is not our Goal, we also feel it is too early to draw any boundaries.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 primary criteria to our investment philosophy:

  1. Stage of the firm: We primarily invest in early-stage companies that have successfully demonstrated through pilots that their service, product or idea has mass appeal.
  2. Sectors: We work with entrepreneurs across sectors wherever we see a compelling opportunity to build businesses to serve the rapidly growing consumer and services markets of the country or where we can leverage local human capital and talent to serve global markets. Our key focus areas are: Fashion/Retail, E-commerce/Internet and Technology.
  3. Geography: Our passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to convert their pilots into industry-leading companies. We’re located in Karachi but we invest in companies across Pakistan, with 2 of our 6 current investments outside Karachi.